HTML - The Basics - 2

So now we have written and been able to view our work, let's look at how we tart it up a bit! First, headlines.
Headlines are created using the H tag. There are 7 different sizes, as follows.

<H1> </H1>being the largest
and <H7></H7> the smallest.

Have a go. Open up a new file with the tags already there in Notepad. Then type in the following into the body section

<H1>Header 1 </H1>
<H2>Header 2</H2>
<H3>Header 3</H3>
<H4>Header 4</H4>
<H5>Header 5</H5>
<H6>Header 6</H6>
<H7>Header 7</H7>

Now go back to the top and add 'Hello' in the middle of each of the tags, as follows:

Save the file and go back and view it. Tip: If you already have it in the browser, you can save yourself a lot of clicking by using the 'REFRESH' button in Internet Explorer, or the 'RELOAD' button in Netscape Navigator. It makes the changes immediately.
So , now you have the ability to change text sizes.

What's next

How about adding Bold, Italic and Underlining text?
You need the TAGS for Bold, Italic and Underline. They are:-
<strong>text</strong> for Bold text
<i>text</i> for Italic text
and <u>text</u> for Underlined text

Just clip these tags around the text you want to highlight, then save the file, hit the 'RELOAD/REFRESH' button

Hey this is easy stuff! What's next?

How about Centring text?

The tag command is 'center'.
<center>text</center> puts the text in the middle of the page. Try it and see what happens to your page. Please note spelling of center = American Spelling. This is the case for most HTML tags.

Here's some more text tags to play with


Here is the line with the above attributes.

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