Market to the world from one place = the web!

Around the corner and around the world - more and more people are gaining much of their information using the web.

Want to see examples of our work?
We specialise in creating SIMPLE but effective websites for our clients. We will advise you on what works, and what doesn't, but above all will create a site to your specifications, NOT OURS. A simple, effective web site need not cost a fortune. By keeping it simple, you can maintain and update the site yourself, because we will train you (or a member of your staff) to do so.

Just want Web hosting? 100MB for 237(inc VAT) per year

Here's how we can help you

First, we discuss in detail the message you wish to convey through your site.

Designer Next,we take your information and begin designing some sample layouts and create the links to get your customers to your site.

ProgrammerFinally,we put the whole thing together and you're ON THE NET.

As you are involved throughout, YOU have built it. We will take over some of the technical issues initially, but we will train you to be a webdesigner as we go, so you are able to keep your site completely up todate.


We offer two basic packages,which we can tailor to suit your individual requirements.

  1. We design and write your entire site (or a few pages) which we/you upload to your Internet Service Provider. (They all offer free webspace)
  2. We design, write and host your site, even handling requests for information on your behalf.

Cost depends on the overall time involved. But talking to us is free so contact us NOW.

We will even give you a fixed quote before we begin,
OR if you prefer, we can be flexible and create the site with your maximum input.

It could be the best investment you make this year!


Whichever option you prefer, drop us an mail.gif (13231 bytes) and let's start talking about your website.

But maybe you'd rather DIY your site to keep total control

Build your own

Why not? In this way, you are best able to keep the site up to date... and you have full control of every 'i' and 't' on the site. If you don't like can change it! Follow through this short course and you'll soon be on the way to being a web wizard. Let us host your site for you - 100MB of webspace for 200+VAT per year. That's plenty for most websites, even large ones including photos. For that you have full control of yourCPanel. Click to see a demo of this. But if that scares you, don't worry we can handle all that side of it for you.

Send mail to withquestions or comments.

For reference, here are links to some of the sites created by BW Consulting

Stagestars Scotland - stage school in Keith, Scotland

Glenaveron Guest House in Brora

Carbisdale Skins - located near Carbisdale Castle

Picture Sites

Glen Loth - nr Helmsdale/

Sites under construction

Clark's Pharmacy - Keith - coming soon

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