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BW Consulting, a marketing, export, webhosting and design consultancy. We also offer solutions to computing problems businesses encounter. If you need help, make contact

Based in the North of Scotland, which keeps our costs low, we carry out assignments around Scotland and into Europe, with an emphasis on Southern France where we have developed a number of useful contacts.

  • Need web hosting?

    £150 per year

    200MB(enough for most websites)

  • We'll make sure you never lose your domain name

  • We'll set you up with email - and show you how to set up additional email addresses/forwarders/autoresponders

  • We'll set you up with auto-reminders - to remind you of important dates/jobs to be done

  • And train you in the basics of how to keep your site up to date

  • In short, help you set up and maintain your entire web presence

  • and advise you on how you might make the BEST of a website. It should not just be a brochure, or even just an extra sales channel. But can ans should be a system integral to controlling and developing your business that helps make your business/personal life easier. Contact us today for a FREE chat about how the web can make your life easier and let us help you get your website working for you.

    Website Design


    For £150 which includes UK VAT, we'll register your domain name ( or .com), set up your email account details and provide you with webspace and maintain your site. We will also encourage and train you to be able to maintain the content of your site, so you can keep it right up to date. This is important consideration to ensure the people you wish to communicate with, feel confident the information is right up to date.

    If you're able to type a Word document and access the web, you can do this! See our hyper text markup language START UP COURSE


    If you wish specific content, we'll write that for you. Otherwise we'll ENABLE you to take control of your site. YOU add content, YOU change content, so YOU control what is on your website AT ALL TIMES. It's the only way it can really STAY UP TO DATE and RELEVANT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. For example, how about a small news box on your front page for instances such as, bad weather - 'Due to bad weather, we're going to close early today!' The more YOU make use of the site for these type of instances, the more people will check the site before phoning you to check things! The more you use it, the more people will feel confident checking it, because they know the information will be the most up to date available. But that requires you to have CONTROL of the website. Click here to find out more...
    • Marketing

      - chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, offering various forms of marketing consultancy, from marketing plans to marketing research projects, or identifying new export markets. Click to find out more...

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